Privacy Policy

Any information about The Community Arts Center Foundation (CACF) dba The Prizery and its renters, grantees, donors, prospective donors, and any personal information about employees or volunteers, or other confidential information obtained as a result of working with CACF should be considered confidential and should be discussed only as appropriately required in connection with the CACF’s work. All information concerning a renter, grantee, donor, prospective donor, or other confidential information must be maintained in confidence, and particular care must be taken to avoid discussion of CACF affairs with third parties, unless authorization to do so is obtained from the Board President, or as required by law.
All files, data, documents and working papers to the CACF are the property of the CACF. Any employee, board member or volunteer who purposely, or through a failure to exercise reasonable care, causes confidential information to be disclosed will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. The obligation to keep the information confidential continues even after an employee, board member or volunteer ceases to be affiliated with the Foundation.
It is the policy of the CACF not to give our staff, donor, or committee members’ personal addresses or phone numbers to outside persons. Anyone asking for personal information on staff or committee members should be instructed to forward all calls, mailings, or invitations to the CACF’s office.